It was just a group of friends that would link up to play games. One game in particular was called Destiny. They spent many hours trying to get that perfect roll for weapons and equipment for all three classes. When it came down to raiding this type of event requires that each member be decent at shooting enemies and coordinating with your party members. Using outside sources to get pick up groups and members would usually end poorly. Once the clockwork was in place the rest is history. They played each Destiny DLC and even went from game to game.

When Overwatch was released Digz was interested in creating a competitive team that could generate that same clockwork and synergy that the Destiny squad could, especially since Overwatch is primarily a team objective based game. It turned out that the rest of the squad was interested and thus (formerly known as) DoneSon was formed. They had a squad of 8 consistent members and a handful of backups. Enough to create two complete teams for any competition.

On PC they ranked between high Diamond/low Masters and on PS4 ranked between high Platinum/low Diamond. They also had a Titanfall 2 team but the games popularity faded before they were able to enter any competitions. With Digz's passion for Tekken and new found interest in BlazBlue Central Fiction, he thought it would be a great idea to expand the team into different genres starting with fighting games.

As a crew they care a lot about winning especially if they're on a competitive team. When they have casual sessions you will notice the differences. Sometimes things can get heated but it's only because everyone usually is so passionate about what they do. They put a lot of time into trying to better their gameplay and skills but even more so their clockwork with each other. Albeit, fighting games and some other games aren't necessarily team oriented, everyone tries to show the same competitive tenacity.

In 2017 the group expanded to the streaming community and has since grown a cumulative community of over 8000 followers. The number continues to grow each day and so does the stream team. Nearly all members are Twitch Affiliates and each person offers a unique streaming experience.

In February 2019 DoneSon officially rebranded to Fragmented Society. As the group continues to grow we realized the importance of our brand, functionality, and purpose in the gaming community. Each member of the group makes up a unique and important part of a much larger picture and mission that Fragmented Society represents.

Aside from competitive gaming, Fragmented Society was created to bring people together that share the same passion towards gaming and to create lasting friendships.

With members from all different backgrounds of gaming, Fragmented Society looks forward to sharing all of their greatest, funny, clutch, random, crazy, and worst moments with you via live stream, recorded videos and highlight clips. Be sure to join them on their journey to becoming not the greatest, but the greatest they can be in this gaming community.