His name is Cam. Your friendly neighborhood noob gamer. He plays mostly on PS4 but recently got a Nintendo Switch. This is where he takes a break from his busy life and unwind.

Games: Anthem, The Division 2, Warframe, Apex Legends, Overwatch

Life: designer/dj/dancer/artist/developer/podcast host/budding photographer/social media consultant and an aspiring Polymath.


  • Handle(s): heydjcam

  • Role: Smart Brotha

  • Specialty: Homie Support

  • Best Gaming Memory: Beating Star Wars Unleashed (first game completed)

  • Worst Gaming Memory: 8 hours on The Division Incursion and losing at the last part, smh

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Performing in front of 6 million people during a NFL halftime show

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Actually playing consistently and getting into FragSociety!

  • First Competitive Game: Street Fighter 2

  • Favorite Game: Fortnite or Warframe

  • Top 3 Genres: 3rd Person, RPG, Fighting

  • Overall Skill Rating: Hella Dope


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, July 2019