Player vs Player



DosMef has been playing games for decades. Without making him sound old, he was playing online games when you had to pay a specific host/server for access with your phone line. Old. School…. He been around the block. Favoriting First Person Shooters, you can also find Dos playing other game genres like RTS, Driving, Simulation, Soccer, and of course 3rd Person Shooters.



  • Role: Blackness

  • Specialty: Support Classes, Medics, Healers aka Dying in Style

  • Best Gaming Memory: Too many to list, peep my highlights for an idea.

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Last time I played RTS online.

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Starting my own dance company.

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Anytime that I am ahead of DigzD3 on the scoreboard.

  • First Competitive Game: DOOM 2 (Dwango)

  • Favorite Game: Unreal Tournament was my jam.

  • Top 3 Genres: FPS, SIM, RTS

  • Overall Skill Rating: Obsidian


  • Became Twitch Affiliate,

  • Released Frag Pack Vol. 1, 4.6.2021

  • Co-Producer for The Tekken Exchange, FragSociety’s online Tekken 7 circuit