Cain initially started gaming really young; around the age of 7 on the Super Nintendo playing Killer Instinct. Over the years though, he's played a lot of different games - his favorite thus far has to be Samurai Warriors : Spirits of Sanada. Currently, for the sake of games, he's focusing on Dead or Alive 6. He's played the series since Dead or Alive 2 and hasn't competed before, but aims to soon! He's driven to learn more with Tina - to figure out her match up struggles, and how to make a become a better player. As far as his goals, he wants to improve with adapting to different game outcomes and hopefully down the road, he'll get better and not beat himself up over a loss in a match.


  • Handle(s): Cain, Cainnightmare883

  • Role: Learn my combos

  • Specialty: Decent

  • Best Gaming Memory: Beating Killer Instinct for Super Nintendo

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Star Fox

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Being an Uncle

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Work in progress

  • First Competitive Game: Dead or Alive 5

  • Favorite Game: Dynasty Warriors Gundam

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, RPGs, Shooters

  • Overall Skill Rating: Slightly Decent


  • Coming soon