Fighting Games



He is the newest comer to FS team. Kasey grew up playing tons of fighting games as child, and his first ever fighting game was Street Fighter II Championship Edition. Before Fighting games he was a baseball player for a couple of years winning 1st and 2nd places trophies, as well as winning best player overall in the Little League World Series event. Kasey's first ever fighting game tournament was original Street Fighter 4 and of course that was a rocky start for our upcoming contender. His 2nd biggest tourney was Tatsunoko Vs Capom at Youmacon 2010, located in Detroit, MI. He placed 4th against 70 players in bracket. When Kasey is not playing much fighting games on his down time he is training up on FPS games like Call of Duty, Titanfall, Apex Legends, and Battlefield, just to name a few. He is a huge game enthusiast and almost owned every console from the 90s to the current generation of gaming. He is looking forward to becoming a strong player in a few fighting games and become a humble content creator on twitch in the near future.


  • Handle(s): Kasey Kagami

  • Role: Learn more Combos, Have more patience when under pressure, Learn how to use my anger to play well but use it in a proper way like PR Balrog.

  • Specialty: Use my anger to play good, Quick learner, I like to create mix ups or some combos on the fly, I make music on the side as a hobby since 2012.

  • Best Gaming Memory: Playing Killer Instinct with father in the arcades back in the day and getting ULTRAAAAAAAAAA'D To Death!

  • Worst Gaming Memory: (Garfield: Caught in the Act on Sega Genesis) I still love this game though!

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Winning the World Series in Little League Baseball by 4 points with my Homerun hit.

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: I came in 4th place in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom tournament out of 50 players back in 2010.

  • First Competitive Game: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

  • Favorite Game: Crash Bandicoot

  • Top 3 Genres: FPS, Fighters, JRPGs

  • Overall Skill Rating: Mid-level Player


  • Hosted Guardian Smash Ultimate Tournament, 230+ entrants, July 2019