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He is a very friendly guy that always has your back, whether it's in the game or outside of the virtual world. A usual jokester of the group, Spyro's first competitive experience was in Halo 3 where he was into shooters. He still plays shooters quite often but has also found a newfound passion for fighting games, particularly Tekken 7. Since 4 years ago he is a fresh new face in the fighting game community that has been constantly improving himself while making new friends and having fun travelling to different events for them. Within the coming years he looks to make a splash in the NorCal scene as he competes in Tekken 7 and other fighting games. Spyro is also making strides to making the group fun and helping old and new members improve in games that he has experience in.


  • Handle(s): Infernal Spyro

  • Role: Brawler, Aggressor

  • Specialty: Rushdown (mainly), Versatile (RPG's, Shooters, etc.)

  • Best Gaming Memory: Being introduced into fighting games and wanting to play competitively at a higher level

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Losing to a character I'm learning/maining in a top 8 match

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Slowly adjusting to play Tekken against high level players

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Losing to a killer first round at a local and fighting my way through losers to get top 8

  • First Competitive Game: Halo

  • Favorite Game: Tekken

  • Top 3 Genres: Shooters, RPG's, Fighting

  • Overall Skill Rating: Brawler


  • Host for Across The Spectrum, FragSociety's gaming podcast

  • Host for The Tekken Exchange, FragSociety's online Tekken 7 circuit

  • Top 32, Dead or Alive 5, EVO 2018

  • 3rd, Tekken 7, The Rundown 2018

  • 4th, Tekken 7, Capitol Fight District, 10.21.2018

  • 3rd, Tekken 7, No Limit Fresno 2019

  • 49th, Tekken 7, NorCal Regionals 2019

  • 7th, Tekken 7, Fanime 2019

  • 9th, Soul Calibur 6, Fanime 2019

  • 49th, Tekken 7, StrongStyle 2019

  • 193rd, Tekken 7, EVO 2019

  • 49th, Tekken 7, Electric Cancel 2019

  • 7th, Dead or Alive 6, Electric Cancel 2019

  • 13th, Tekken 5 DR, Electric Cancel 2019

  • 65th, Tekken 7, Red Bull Conquest 2019

  • 1st, Street Fighter 5, Wizard World Bay Area 2019

  • 3rd, Tekken 7, FullComboEsports, 3.7.2020