Player vs Player


Kamjitsu is a casual gamer with an old soul especially when it comes to the previous golden age of games. His humble beginnings was raised on Nintendo and the Sega Master System while getting his masters in all things Sony Playstation. He also got his formal education in competitive fighting games at the local corner store. It wasn't until one of his childhood friends introduced him to role playing games and another friend reintroduced him back into first person shooters that he matured and eased his way into the new age of gaming.


  • Handle(s): Kamjitsu

  • Role: Agent Provocateur

  • Specialty: RPG's and finding all the little secrets in game

  • Best Gaming Memory: Having played Chrono Trigger & Secret of Mana. These were the games responsible for getting me into RPG's outside of Final Fantasy

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Getting folded in Golden Eye which turned me off to FPS games for a long time... until I started playing Rogue Company

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Having my wife & daughter in attendance for the first witnessing me receive a belt promotion in Brazilian Jiujitsu

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Beating the final Valkyrie in God of War with minimal damage to finally get a 100% completion achievement

  • First Competitive Game: Street Fighter

  • Favorite Game: Secret of Mana

  • Top 3 Genres: Action RPG's, Roguelike, Multiplayer FPS (formerly sports games)

  • Overall Skill Rating: Borderlines from Casual in FPS to Hardcore in Action RPG's and Roguelike games


  • Coming Soon