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Kyohei is a guy in his late 20s who is pretty serious when it comes to Halo. He likes to play a lot of video games that have a challenge or have a good story. He mainly plays a lot of Halo Infinite , and currently on the grind to Onyx. He is a avid video game collector and has a solid collection of video games. His favorite gaming console is anything that involves Nintendo. Outside of video games, Kyohei likes to go to the gym a lot and do bodybuilding and cosplaying.


  • Handle(s): Kyohei

  • Role: Jokester and Serious

  • Specialty: Grinding and Problem Solving

  • Best Gaming Memory: Achieving my dream of getting a Fire Cape on Runescape

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Having my Runescape account hacked and banned for botting

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Going to the gym consistently after High School has changed my life and made me very confident and others looking up to me on my changes

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: In High School I was known to be the kid who hit max rank on Halo 4 when the game was only out for a week

  • First Competitive Game: Halo 3

  • Favorite Game: Halo 3

  • Top 3 Genres: FPS, RPG, Survival

  • Overall Skill Rating: Platinum


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