Fighting Games


Dogtorpupper thoroughly enjoys the challenges that fighting games present and mostly the individual pressure that comes with it. Prior to starting to compete in Tekken he play collegiate men's golf for community college competitively which in part plays into his enjoyment of competition. As the name implies in addition to trying to get good at Tekken he also has aspirations to go onto veterinary school to become a surgeon.


  • Handle(s): Dogtorpupper

  • Role: Serious

  • Specialty: Trying to improve

  • Best Gaming Memory: First time playing offline Tekken is probably my favorite

  • Worst Gaming Memory: None

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Getting into graduate school

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Getting multiple top 4 finishes within the Tech City Tekken circuit at Euphnet

  • First Competitive Game: Tekken 7

  • Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7 (original)

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, RPG's, FPS

  • Overall Skill Rating: 7/10


  • Coming soon