The Streamer division consists of all Twitch Affiliates and Partners. This is our largest division and continues to grow each year. Among these streamers you can find almost any type of content. This is where our streamers use their individual talents and personalities to build well knit communities on Twitch's platform. Be sure to catch our broadcasts live and make sure you check everyone out as each streamer has something different to offer.

The Fighting Games division is made up of our members whom are active in the Fighting Games Community (FGC). These members compete at locals and represent their division while building a name and reputation for themselves as well as for the group. What started out as a Tekken competitive team has now branched out to Street Fighter, BlazBlue, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat, Fighting EX Layer, Smash, and Soul Calibur 6. Our Fighting Games division is always training for the next battle.

The PvP division is comprised of the competitive members that play games not categorized as fighting games. This includes First Person Shooters, 3rd Person Shooters, Real Time Strategies, MOBA's, etc. This is where the teams clockwork and synergy shines the most. Using the cooperative skills acquired from games like Destiny and Overwatch, our PvP division continues to develop new techniques and skills to make their teamwork an unstoppable force.