Player vs Player


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  • Handle(s): Jiroix

  • Role: Swiper

  • Specialty: Cold Blooded

  • Best Gaming Memory: Playing every fighting game that came out on arcade at the local bowling alley growing up

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Breaking my PSP because Monster Hunter and not equipping nuke when I got 25 kills in COD

  • Greatest Personal Feat: 1.75 K/D and 20% accuracy in Cod MW3

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Beating Super Mario RPG when I was a kid, no guides or guidance.

  • First Competitive Game: Never competed. But first game to make me really competitive was Street Fighter 2

  • Favorite Game: Monster Hunter World

  • Top 3 Genres: RPG, Fighting, FPS

  • Overall Skill Rating: Humble


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