Fighting Games



He was the new blood in the Fragmented Society in 2019. He has begun his competitive career in Tekken 7. Although starting in the competitive scene and new to competing in tournaments the future seems bright for this new up and comer. Kelevra is a Tekken enthusiast and enjoys the high stakes tournament scene, but also enjoys many other titles and genre of video games. He enjoys finding new strategies and training with team mates and discussing tactics. He dreams of one day taking the competitive scene by storm and making his fighting game brethren proud.


  • Handle(s): Kelevra, AyeYoiTzDex, Dex

  • Role: Jokester

  • Specialty: Pressure and mixup artist

  • Best Gaming Memory: Meeting and getting introduced to the FGC and growing as a player.

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Going 0 and 2 at WNF my first time ever going

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Deadlifting 405 pounds for the first time

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Making it out of pools at strong style 2018

  • First Competitive Game: Tekken 7

  • Favorite Game: Tekken 7

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, Shooters, RPG's

  • Overall Skill Rating: Savior


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, April 2019