Fighting Games



Electrical Engineer - He like computer hardware

Video gamer - Main games he plays are Zelda, SSB64, Tekken, and Pokémon Puzzle League.

Hobbies - Bicycle Riding, Hiking, Working out, Electronic music (Trance), and Dancing to EDM

Hit him up about anything - things He enjoys talking about the most is conquering the mind and viewing other people's perspectives.


  • Handle(s): Komotonoto

  • Role: TISM

  • Specialty: uhh idk lel

  • Best Gaming Memory: One time a VOD of me playing SSB64 was on Twitter and then I was famous for like 15 seconds :DDDDD

  • Worst Gaming Memory: I really hate it that eating food makes you sluggish when you play D:<

  • Greatest Personal Feat: I'm fat

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: I got King to Ryujin Tekken 7 x3

  • First Competitive Game: SSB64

  • Favorite Game: Zelda - Majora's Mask

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, Shooter, Puzzle

  • Overall Skill Rating: >implying skill rating matters in a buggy game LOL


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