He's J_Drizz....You know what it is! This guy's new to the gaming community, but has been gaming all his life. Not necessarily well, but that hasn't stopped him. Your stream (or that one friend that kinda raps too) need beats? He's got em. He looks forward to growing his gaming knowledge and skill while connecting with the talent around!


  • Handle(s): J_Drizz

  • Role: *See Manual

  • Specialty: Being "That" guy

  • Best Gaming Memory: The day he opened the Power Pad and played Stadium Events as a child

  • Worst Gaming Memory: The Christmas his mother bought him a PS2, but returned it the day after due to his behavior at school resulting in a teacher's message on the home answering machine. He received pajamas instead

  • Greatest Personal Feat: His "left" one!?... I don't think he knows "feat" is a different word

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Doing that one thing in Guitar Hero that's really hard

  • First Competitive Game: He has yet to compete. He says life is a game best played for the experience, not the outcome

  • Favorite Game: Big fan of Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Top 3 Genres: RPG, Shooter, Racing

  • Overall Skill Rating: Meh to alright


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, April 2021

  • Released Frag Pack Vol. 1, 4.6.2021