Brian joined Fragmented Society in 2019. Introduced to video games at a young age of 4, Brian seeks to elevate his passion for video games by competing and streaming. Brian has been competing in Tekken 7 since 2018 and started streaming in February of 2019. He enjoys training to constantly grow and learn, and connect with other people that share the same passion.


  • Handle(s): iitsBrn, Brn

  • Role: Trickster

  • Specialty: Patience

  • Best Gaming Memory: Learning how to play Street Fighter 2 when I was 6 and doing my first Hadouken and DP

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Having the power go out at my house when I was almost done with the endless set list in Rock Band 2

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Placing 3rd at a small NorCal Dance Comp and 1st at a comp in Chicago

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Ranking up to Genbu in Tekken 7 PC online

  • First Competitive Game: Tekken 7

  • Favorite Game: Tekken 7

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, Rhythm, RPGs

  • Overall Skill Rating: Not Hella weak, but weak


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, March 2019

  • Entered first major FG tournament, Tekken 7, StrongStyle 2019

  • Raised $700 for Black Visions Collective, June 2020