Fighting Games



DayQuil is a member of the streaming and fighting game division of Fragmented Society. He has always been a competitive gamer from the start of his childhood. With humble beginnings in puzzle games like Pokemon Puzzle League and rhythm games like Guitar Hero, he is no stranger to competitive mindset that fighting games challenge. At his peak, he was one of the power-ranked players in his university for Super Smash Bros Melee. Lately, he has taken a backseat in competing to focus on streaming, but he plans on attending tournaments again in the near future.


  • Handle(s): AyNakoMikey, DayQuil

  • Role: The Tank

  • Specialty: Self Analysis

  • Best Gaming Memory: Representing UCI in a collegiate SSBM league

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Winning a Guitar Hero III tournament and only getting a $25 Best Buy gift card

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Graduating college

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Ranked 4th on UCI Melee's Spring '17 Power Ranking

  • First Competitive Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Favorite Game: Pokemon Puzzle League

  • Top 3 Genres: RPG, Adventure, Fighting

  • Overall Skill Rating: Platinum All-Rounder


  • Beats Texas A&M, SSBM, Southern Conference, The Melee Games 2017

  • 3rd, SSBM, Shine 2017

  • 9th, SSBM, Phoenix Underground #50, 7.24.2017

  • 9th, SSBM, Phoenix Underground #68, 6.18.2018

  • 9th, SSBM, Phoenix Underground #71, 7.30.2018

  • 5th, SSBM, Phoenix Underground #94, 7.30.2019

  • 7th, SSBM, Phoenix Underground #95, 8.13.2019

  • 17th, SSBU, Ultimate Quarantine Singles, 3.16.2020

  • 5th, SSBM, Melee Quarantine Singles, 3.16.2020

  • 13th, SSBM, GSALT Online #1, 5.18.2020

  • 9th, SSBM, GSALT Online #3, 6.1.2020

  • 129th, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, Grand Stampede, 8.8.2020

  • 9th, GGXXAC+R, Banned Out Of Beginners, 11.29.2020

  • 257th, GGXXAC+R, Frosty Faustings XIII 2021, 1.30.2021

  • 25th, GGXXAC+R, Mild West GG, 2.28.2021

  • 7th, GGXXAC+R, Caliburst [Online] March 2021, 3.6.2021