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Paris has been a video game enthusiast his entire life. From playing Super Mario 3 on the SNES, all the way to Tekken 7 on PC/PS4 and everything in between, if there is a good video game out there he's probably played it. He's no stranger to performing with all eyes on him, he's been a performer since his early days. He loves the rush of putting on a show for everybody. He also loves to support local events, to help provide and grow with the community. He's passionate about what he does, and would love to turn gaming into more than just a hobby.


  • Handle(s): Kuya_P

  • Role: The Sniper

  • Specialty: Choking in an important match

  • Best Gaming Memory: Getting lost for the first time in the world of Final Fantasy (8,10, and 15 to be specific.)

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Accidentally dying on my hardcore ironman in OSRS.

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Touching my toes.

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: 360 no scope from across the map *airhorn*

  • First Competitive Game: League of Legends

  • Favorite Game: Tekken 7

  • Top 3 Genres: RPG, MOBA, FPS

  • Overall Skill Rating: 69/420 nice


  • Coming Soon