Fighting Games



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  • Handle(s): Aquabyss

  • Role: Shotcaller

  • Specialty: Mix ups/Baiting the enemy to do what I want

  • Best Gaming Memory: Getting to Fighter Rank in Tekken 7

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Fought an optional boss in Legend of Dragoon and saved, wasted all my items before the real boss and no way to go back to get more items

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Adapting to First Person Shooters on console/controller

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Getting to Platinum V in League of Legends from Silver 1 in two weekends

  • First Competitive Game: League of Legends

  • Favorite Game: Tekken

  • Top 3 Genres: RPGs, Fighting, Interactive Cinema

  • Overall Skill Rating: Fighter Rank Tekken 7


  • Host for Across The Spectrum, FragSociety's gaming podcast

  • Host for The Tekken Exchange, FragSociety's online Tekken 7 circuit

  • Twitch Affiliate,