Setukai likes long walks on the beach and touching grass. Reading books relaxes the wild Setukai and playing games turns him on. Finding a wild Setukai is hard but catching one is harder. He loves all and preaches being normal is vastly overrated. When you say goodbye, he'll say hello! HELLO HELLO! I don't know why you say goodbye I say HELLO! Last but not least...Lemi get dem toes doe...Jay.


  • Handle(s): Setukai

  • Role: The Weirdo

  • Specialty: I mess around in playing FPS games for the most part but when my team needs me I'll focus up and pull through

  • Best Gaming Memory: Getting a wild kill going down hill and I jumped and got a Kraber headshot in Apex Legends

  • Worst Gaming Memory: My first time playing League during season 1, I didn't know how the towers would attack you so I died a lot.

  • Greatest Personal Feat: I've built 8 keyboards

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: People have called me Drift King in Forza Horizon 2 // 4 // 5

  • First Competitive Game: Halo

  • Favorite Game: All Forza Horizon games

  • Top 3 Genres: Neo Soul, R&B, Japanese Funk/Pop and a honorable mention Euro Beat. Racing, FPS, Horror

  • Overall Skill Rating: 5x114. || 18x9.5 +22 || ||18.10.5 +12||


  • Coming soon