Influenced by her brother who would always bring her along to the arcades, Genna started playing video games when she was very young. She enjoys playing platform, side scrolling, fighting and puzzle games. In the past several years, Tekken has “Tekken” her heart. She’s very fascinated with the complexity and difficulty of the game. Genna is working on excelling with her main and gaining character knowledge so that she can start to enter more tournaments.


  • Handle(s): genyes

  • Role: Female

  • Specialty: Being frackin' awesome!

  • Best Gaming Memory: Going to the sessions/bbq's at iloveyourmom's chicken coop. Fun times meeting other gamers in the Tekken community along with the good talks with yummy food!

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Hearing Digz's corrections in my head while playing Tekken even though he's not physically there or watching. Haunting.

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Being Super Mom (insert arm flexing emoji)

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Distracting my opponents with my awesome side comments and sound effects

  • First Competitive Game: Tekken 6

  • Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Top 3 Genres: Fighting, Puzzles, Platformer

  • Overall Skill Rating: I Get By


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, September 2019