We all know what what being the GOAT means, but let me introduce you to Chris, the GOST. THE GREATEST OF SOME TIMES. He will some times be there to clutch for you. He will some times be there to carry you. So when you need him the most, just know, he will be there...some times.

He is a variety streamer that has a main focus on FPS. He is here to entertain, build a community, and create the vibiest vibe of all time. He is a fitness junkie that trains in CrossFit. He has many hobbies and can converse with you on almost any topic. Don't take our word for it, stop by his stream and you will find out for yourself. But be warned, you may be subscribed before you know it!


  • Handle(s): ShinyPandas, Shiny Pandas, ShinyBlooJay

  • Role: I carry around a big backpack

  • Specialty: 5Head 3000IQ plays / Professional Team Hypeman

  • Best Gaming Memory: Winning a Pokemon Tournament in Elementary School with 1hp on my final pokemon

  • Worst Gaming Memory: Catching Missing No. in Pokemon Blue...

  • Greatest Personal Feat: Being me

  • Greatest Gaming Feat: Back to back Aces in Valorant

  • First Competitive Game: Halo

  • Favorite Game: Valorant

  • Top 3 Genres: FPS, RPG, MMO

  • Overall Skill Rating: Incalculable


  • Became Twitch Affiliate, November 2020